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Meditation with local high school students.


The Vibe is a life changing experience that teaches strategies for mastering yourself. The Vibe is a mind shifting and motivational set of moments that encourages participants to rethink their approach to life. Schedule The Vibe for your group, family, co-workers, students and etc. to strengthen relationships, create new beginnings, encourage yourself and create the life you want! 

During the 1-hour course participants will learn:

1. How to gain control over their lives

2. How to maintain peace of mind

3. Strategies for self-improvement

Who should take this course:

- Anyone who feels their life is out of their control

- Anyone who wants to improve their life

- Anyone who has dreams and goals to accomplish

Please contact me to schedule The Vibe for your class, family, group, employees and etc. 


When you send your booking request please include how many people will be in the class, time and date, and the reason you want to book The Vibe. I look forward to creating the vibe with you!


High School Student

This is my first time meditating and

I plan to meditate again.

Family Group Class

The class is informational, inspiring, uplifting and calming.

Family Group Class

The class was helpful in the sense of showing me a new way to connect to myself. Very well organized.

About The Speaker

Ashley Burks is an entrepreneur and teacher. Ashley has over 5 years of experience teaching others about various topics including, college preparation, reaching career goals, achieving personal success, and meditation guidance. 

Ashley has served as a leader in her community for over 10 years through volunteer work and professional work. She's also a web developer, digital designer, and video producer. She has served on multiple boards and prides herself on knowledge of self and knowledge of her community.  

She is currently expanding her community outreach efforts by sharing strategies that have helped her overcome difficult situations. Ashley created The Vibe with the intention of spreading knowledge of self because when you can master yourself you can master the world. 

To book Ashley for your next engagement please contact her here