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I LOVE to travel. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. Even as a child, I was always curious about what was happening in other countries. When other kids wanted to play sports, I was asking my parents for language learning books. 


I actually wanted to travel abroad in college, but I opted to take video editing and coding classes at SIUC instead. My first solo trip was when I moved to NYC in 2012 to get a masters degree in Digital Media Design For Learning from NYU. I lived in NYC for two years and I loved it. I returned to my hometown and worked a professional job and hated it. I decided to launch an online English teaching business in 2017 and started traveling around the world in 2019. Here are the trips that I’ve taken. 

Illustrated Jaguar
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I worked as an English teacher at Shenzhen Public Schools and lived in China for 4 months. Adjusting to life in China wasn't easy, but it was so much fun and if I had to do it over again I would make the same decision.

Shenzhen is such a beautiful city. The people are welcoming and there’s plenty to do to stay busy. I visited a nearby city and tried snake tea! OMG! 

The weather in Shenzhen is hot most of the year. Here's a video of me attending an amazing light show. Notice how many people are out at night. It's a very safe city!


During the Chinese New Year, a Chinese holiday celebrating China’s independence, I took a trip to Vietnam and spent 5 days there. I even had a chance to ride one of China's high speed trains. It went 300 mph!

The food in Vietnam was amazing and the scenery was beautiful. There were a lot of people there because of the holiday so security was high and it made regular activities a little difficult, so I fired them. 😂

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Just look at how beautiful this boat ride was. I had so much fun in the speed boat!


I quit my job in China because I hated it. Then I took my talents to Mexico and started my life as a digital nomad. 

I spent a month traveling around Mexico. I went to Cancun, Mexico City and Guadalajara. I had a ball in Mexico. Here's a tour I took of Mexico City. You can see my full Mexico playlist here

Mexico exceeded my expectations. The food was better than I could imagine. The people were passionate and always expressing their cultural values. Here's a tour of Guadalajara!

San Diego

After I left Mexico, I spent some time in my hometown and traveled to San Diego right as the pandemic was becoming global. The weather was a little shaky, but the food and the views were amazing. Here's the first day of my journey.

The people in San Diego were extremely welcoming and there are a lot of free outdoor activities. Here's a look at Balboa Park. Can you believe it's bigger than NYC's Central Park?!

Although the weather wasn't the best, I stalked the Weather app and found a few hours to take a stroll in downtown San Diego. In general, San Diego’s weather is known as one of the best in the world. Here's a walking tour of downtown San Diego. 

Yes, many activities were getting canceled due to Covid 19, I had a chance to stop by a local black owned restaurant before the national state of emergency was administered. The food was soooo good! 

Digital Nomad Chronicles


After traveling to several countries, I've decided to settled down as a digital nomad in Mexico. I work during the week and explore the city during the weekend. I spent 6 months in Cancun and now I'm in Guadalajara. There's so much to tell you, and luckily I've posted most of it on YouTube. Here are a few videos, but be sure to head over to my YouTube channel for more details!

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