About My ESL Lessons

I teach English as a foreign language on Skype. I'm available on Sundays through Thursdays from 6 am to 9 pm US Central time. My lessons are usually one hour long, but you can schedule for a longer or shorter time. Click here to schedule a lesson with me. 

During the lesson I speak with students about different topics and help them form grammatically correct sentences. I also help with writing, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Students come to me for several reasons:

- They want to have better conversational skills.

- They want to practice listening to a native speaker.

- They have an English speaking presentation to give.

- They have an ESL test to take.

Below are helpful resources that you can use to improve your English speaking skills.

Preparing for Our Lesson
English Teacher

Before our lesson you may be wondering what are some things you can do to prepare. Here are my suggestions.

- Do nothing. I have many different topics we can discuss during the lesson.

- Prepare a minimum of 10 questions about English Grammar and/or American culture.

- Read a news article and discuss it with me during the lesson.

- Write two paragraphs (5 sentences each) about yourself and bring it to our lesson.

- Bring some photos to the lesson and describe them to me during our lesson. 

ESL Resources

English Grammar
Talking Exercises
English Conversation
English Vocabulary
ESL Class
Reading Practice
Writing Practice