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Emojis You Need is an Android app that has over 200 custom emojis available for your use! 😱


You can share these on social media sites, you can send these to your friends, you can add them to your favorite photos, and you can save them to your phone for ease of use!

The Emojis You Need app has all custom emojis! You will not find these anywhere else!


Ashley Burks is the creator and organized the design and development of the app.

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"I'm passionate about design and creative expression. These emojis represent creativity and freedom of expression." Ashley Burks, Travel Vlogger

Conceptually born in February of 2020, Emojis You Need was initially a travel emoji app. 
"As a travel vlogger I love sharing my experiences. I love showing people how beautiful the world is, but I noticed that there were not any travel specific emoji apps available. That's what led me to create the Emojis You Need app concept."
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The global impact of COVID19 on the travel industry led to the expansion of the emoji list. Now there are not just travel emojis, but motivational emojis as well.

"A professor at SIUC introduced me to meditation in 2011. I thought it was so silly, but for the past two years, I've been meditating regularly. Connecting with our intuition and inner world has gained increasing popularity over the years, so the app's transition from focusing on external experiences to including internal experiences was very natural as these are natural parts of our lives." Ashley Burks

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Emojis You Need is for everyone. All ages and lifestyles.

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Currently there are 212 custom emojis. We will be uploading new emojis regularly!

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Google Play Store Link. iPhone app coming soon.

COVID19 taught us all what it means to prevail, and persevere. Download Emojis You Need today to support an effort that persevered against all odds.


Emojis You Need is about creative expression, motivation, and experiences of all kind: internal and external.



Stay connected with the Emojis You Need team on Instagram and email us at emojisyouneed@gmail.com if you have any questions.



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