is my startup company. It's in the beta stage. We are currently seeking funding and a Wordpress developer to complete the remainder of the website. It is currently 90% complete. You can access the website here. Please follow us on Instagram at @LaborForCareLLC. Below is a complete description.

About is a website where caregivers can identify, search and book services for their caregiving needs.


According to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving there are 43.5 million people who have provided unpaid care to an adult or a child in the last 12 months.

Purpose is designed for the caregiver who is busy managing their life and the life of the person they’re caring for. Life is already hectic, imagine how hectic it can be if you add an additional life to manage. is designed to help caregivers by connecting them to service providers.

Caregivers use the website to lighten their workload while service providers use the website to increase their business revenue by using the site to book clients.

Think to yourself for a second.

Imagine if your life changed dramatically and you became one of those 43.5 million caregivers. Rather than enjoying the small down time you currently have, you would spend that time bathing your ill parent, managing their finances, and taking care of their house. would give you access to professionals that can reduce your workload.

Imagine if a percentage of those 43.5 million caregivers were looking to pay you for your services. would give you the visibility and accessibility necessary to help a vulnerable family and to increase your clientele.

Goals is designed to:

  • Connect caregivers to service providers that will ease the burden of caregiving.

  • Provide emotional and practical support for caregivers.

  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to book clients.


Many of us become caregivers unexpectedly and without much of a choice. When that happens our personal workload increases tremendously. We begin to manage another person's finances, their health, their house, we take on legal responsibilities and more. decreases the caregiver’s workload while increasing the visibility of the service provider.

Using the Website

How do caregivers use the website? It’s easy.

1.       Identify what services you need to make your caregiving experience easier.

2.       Search for a service provider that can help you.

3.       Book the service!

How do service providers use the website? It’s easy.

  1. Create a profile describing your services.

  2. You’re good to go!


Key features 


  1. Search - Caregivers can search for service providers​

  2. Write reviews

  3. Create a profile/ Log in 

  4. Tags - Service providers can tag their profile to affect their search result ranking.

  5. Forum - A forum where people can post comments and questions relating to caregiving.

  6. Website tour - A tour of the website that shows users (caregiver targeted) how to navigate the website.

  7. Send money using the website - A function that allows caregivers to pay the service provider.

  8. Message function that allows caregivers to message the service providers.

Competitive Landscape

Similar products such as,, and connect families to caregivers. differentiates itself among the competition because it connects caregivers to service providers to ease the caregiving workload. For example, a caregiver may need to schedule service providers to help maintain the house. He/she could use to book a lawn care company, and house cleaning services. He/she may also want to book a cosmetologist to come in and administer hair and nail services for their loved one.


Research shows that caregivers are typically family members, but can also be used by paid caregivers on the family’s behalf.

Use to identify, search and book services for your caregiving needs. It’s simple and easy to use.